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Ramsey and TV

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

This is what happens when puppies watch too much Animal Planet and Lassie reruns.

Free Killer Whale Replica

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

So the joke is on me. I got all excited about an ad on craigslist for a free, life-sized killer whale replica. I was trying to figure out where I could put it in our GhoatsTown. I talked it over with both Kathleen and Dori, who now think I’m even crazier than they already thought I was. So I called to see if it was still available. Well, the joke was also on Amanda. Her roommates had put it on craigslist as a joke. There never was a free killer whale. I guess I’m still a fool even on April Fools Day!

Here is the craigslist listing.

Free Killer Whale Replica

So you are probably asking yourself, why I have a life size killer whale
replica, so here’s the story.

I used to work for the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, and the replica killer whale we had was recently damaged while we were changing exhibits. One of the tail fins was broken off and, the museum decided to throw it out rather than use the space to store the whale. I didn’t want to see this beautiful whale go to waste so I decided to take it home, after all only a small part of the tail was broken, the rest of the whale is perfectly fine. So I have kept it at home for the last few months and my two young kids have really enjoyed playing with it.

However this comes to the sad part of my story and the opportunity for you. My husband is making me get rid of the whale so that we can have more space in our garage for our new car. Why he would rather have a mini-van than a whale i don’t, know but he has put his foot down. I need to get rid of the whale ASAP and will part with it for free as long as it goes to a good home. All you need is a trailer long enough to fit it on. It is about 20 feet long and will fit on most flatbed trailers(that’s what i used to get it home).

So if you want a free whale, give me a call (xxx)-xxx-xxxx. I would really hate to see this amazing replica end up in the garbage. The first person who can come pick it up can have it. There is some minor damage to the tail, but it could be easily repaired with a little TLC. Call if you are interested and I can give you directions.

Thanks for looking,

Killer Whale