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Changes in the New Year

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Happy New Year! It has been over a month since I last posted. Christmas, followed by the winter blahs. Bleh.

I was “let go” from my coffee job on Friday. Alas, no more making espressos and lattes. Instead, I wander around the house aimlessly, making my pretend espresso steamer hissing noises. Not a bad imitation, I might add. Melissa said she had to let both Dori and myself go (She doesn’t know I let myself go a long time ago) because she was having difficulty making payroll. We were also the two sassiest employees and the ones most likely to laugh and shrug off our manager’s cursing temper tantrums. We both have a similar sense of humor that may not have been to Missy’s liking. Such as when we tracked how many times she said the word “vigilant” in one hour. Fourteen times. I am sure the cutomers will miss us, especially Dori who worked full time. Customers loved Dori and came back repeatedly because she worked there. They will still be able to see her and taste her delicious food and coffee, now at the Portal Cafe where she begins work today. Congratulations Dori!! And congratulations to the fine folks at Portal Cafe who were wise enough to grab Dori while she was still available!

Picture below is taken when we delivered a gate to a nearby customer during a recent stormy day.