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10 virtually instant ways to improve your life

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Many of our problems come from within our own minds. They aren’t caused by events, bad luck, or other people. We cause them through our own poor mental habits. Here are 10 habits you should set aside right away to free yourself from the many problems each one will be causing you.

Stop jumping to conclusions. There are two common ways this habit increases people’s difficulties. First, they assume that they know what is going to happen, so they stop paying attention and act on their assumption instead. Human beings are lousy fortune-tellers. Most of what they assume is wrong. That makes the action wrong too. The second aspect of this habit is playing the mind-reader and assuming you know why people do what they do or what they’re thinking. Wrong again, big time. More relationships are destroyed by this particular kind of stupidity than by any other.

Don’t dramatize. Lots of people inflate small setbacks into life-threatening catastrophes and react accordingly. This habit makes mountains out of molehills and gives people anxieties that either don’t exist or are so insignificant they aren’t worth worrying about anyway. Why do they do it? Who knows? Maybe to make themselves feel and seem more important. Whatever the reason, it’s silly as well as destructive.
Don’t invent rules. A huge proportion of those “oughts” and “shoulds” that you carry around are most likely needless. All that they do for you is make you feel nervous or guilty. What’s the point? When you use these imaginary rules on yourself, you clog your mind with petty restrictions and childish orders. And when you try to impose them on others, you make yourself into a bully, a boring nag, or a self-righteous bigot.

Hot hot hot

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Our new a/c took a dive over the weekend, beginning by tripping the circuit breaker but coming back on when we reset the breaker, and then finally just giving up all effort yesterday. Not sure what is wrong with it, but hopefully the repair technician will be able to come out today (from Tucson) and take a look. Meanwhile, may we all be inspired by Shammie’s technique (below) in staying cool. Find a nice pool, or horse trough, where you can splash around and have fun. But perhaps skip the rolling in the sand. :-)

Fourth of July Extravaganza

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

We celebrated the Fourth of July by watching the Rodeo Parade. The parade had all sorts of small town charm to offer courtesy of local businesses and families.

Kidding around

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

I realize I have not provided an update on the goat activities here at Talbotland. Originally we were watching five goats for my friend Maria and in exchange we were given the two younger goats (Gertrude and Lucy) plus any babies that were born here. We’ve been blessed with two babies (Ethel and Laverne) and Gertrude MIGHT be pregnant. I think if Gertie were pregnant she would have already kidded so I think Ethel and Laverne will be our only babies this year. Maria and her family found a place in Datil and unfortunately for them the subdivision does not allow goats. Sooooo, we will be keeping all seven goats here! Which is good since we were becoming VERY attached to Sherry and I was afraid that Chris would hide her in his office when it came time to send her to her new home. Because our original shelter and paddock were not designed for keeping seven goats permanently we now need to build larger pens and shelters. We are planning on building something with a “wild west” theme to it, styled after the many ghost towns we have visited. Only in this case it will be a Ghoats town. :-)

Here are some pictures of us hanging out in the goat pen.