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A new hood ornament

Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

We have just received the latest in the southwest hood ornaments. This guy (gal?) took posession of our truck, looking at a reflection of himself in each of the sideview mirrors (mind you, he went THROUGH the truck to do this) and then positioned himself front and center on the hood.

southwest hood ornament

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We saw a man about a horse

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

Chris and I went last weekend to look at a couple horses. Not only were they wonderfully loving, well trained and friendly, they were both absolutely beautiful. We fell in love! Okay, maybe speaking for myself here, but I absolutely loved them. I cannot wait to bring them home at the end of the month. Gunner is a Missouri Fox Trotter gelding and Little Bit is a paint mare. They have been raised with love and gentle training methods. They are very bonded with each other, but I think they will enjoy getting to know their younger herd mates as well. I feel so lucky that we found them. I just thank the Universe. :-) (This beautiful picture was not taken on our property.)

Gunner and Little Bit

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Comin’ Soon

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Three new “babies” will soon be arriving from a local equine rescue group. (Serenity Acres) We are adopting a 6 month old filly (we named her Starlie), a 4 month old colt (we refer to as JJ), and their babysitter who is a very cute black donkey named Pebbles. We are so fortunate to have the honor and blessing of being able to adopt them into our Family.