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Mythic moths

Sunday, May 8th, 2005

We pulled into Rodeo late Friday (May 6th) night. Looking forward to sleeping in our comfy sleeping bags on our air mattress, we just couldn’t wait to open the door to our brand new (to us) abode. What we found though, nobody could have been prepared for. Hundreds, and I am not exaggerating, of moths fluttering through the rooms, hitting their powdery, musky moth bodies against whatever came in their way. Luckily, the vacuum cleaner was one of the first items off of the uhaul, so Chris set to work gathering moths into the vacuum. Finally, after almost an hour he had the last moth corraled in the Hoover. I had been busy setting up the beds for the pets, and getting our own bed ready. We had only slept about 3 hours before leaving SB on a 15 hour drive to Rodeo. We were EXHAUSTED! After what felt like only minutes we were awakened by a soft thumping on the ceiling. Thump, thump-thump. Chris turned on the light and to our horror the ceiling was once again covered with hundreds of moths. Ugh! Somehow those rascals had liberated themselves from the confines of Hoover Prison and were once again throwing their moth bodies around the room. In a de ja vu experience, Chris once again spent an hour herding moths back into the tube of Hoover Prison. When he was finished we made sure to seal the vacuum hose. Thus ended our first night in our new home.