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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Wow, our yardsale was quite the success. Not only did we get rid of almost all of our “stuff,” we also made a nice pile of cash in the process. The things that we have left are a few computers (Chris says he will find them homes….) and the Stephen King books that Chris said he wants to keep and take with us because after we move he will have time to read. Wooohoo! Now we actually have room in the garage to stack the boxes that are all ready and waiting. Twenty-four more days…..hope we are ready by then!

The countdown begins

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

36 days left and counting down. Chris and I are busy preparing for our yardsale. We need to substantially downsize our posessions. We are moving from a three bedroom house with garage into a one bedroom cottage with a barn as temporary storage. “But I like that,” Chris says as I holds up various items in the garage, doubt flitting across my face. “What is it?” “Ah well it is (fill in here with some long explanation about how somebody somewhere used THIS thing for something). My question immediately follows, “Do you LOVE it?” We, meaning I, have decided that we will only bring possession that are important to us, that we love, that we feel like we can’t live without. How, you might ask, did someone like me, a woman who HATES clutter, end up with Chris, a life member of packrats anonomyous. We balance each other out well though. Chris has shown me the value in collecting certain items, a value in having a piece of history. I have shown Chris that he can part with some of his 30+ computers and still live a very fulfilling life.